Maritime Agency.

The agency services provided by AGENTAL consist in the attendance in ports to any kind of merchant ships including the administration of cargo handling, management of goods' movements and the coordination and assistance of integrated logistic services (stevedoring operations, cargo transfer, loading, unloading, haulage and re-dispatch). Our services highlight by its quality and efficiency, providing timely, proactive, effective and quick solutions to our clients throughout all the works we carry out for our customers in ports, terminals and depots.

Our management is always concerned to deliver timely and quality information to all our customers. This is the detail of the main tasks undertaken by all AGENTAL offices:

- Ships' Agency (General - Port - Protective).

- On-line information and control of ship’s operations in real time, ensuring constant monitoring of the status of vessel’s port operations through the release of: arrival and departure reports and daily status of on-going operations at port, which can be seen in our WEB link “Agental online” accessing to owner’s accounts field.

- Coordination of crossing of the Magellan Strait and southern channels of Chile.

- Handling of cargo, loading and unloading.

- Control of containers on-line interacting with E-TACT system of Chile’s customs.

- Services for assistance in logistics, warehousing, cargo storage and stuffing / unstuffing of containers.

- Crew movements and crew changes (immigrations, air tickets and transport coordination).

- Delivery of spare parts and assistance to ships.

- Coordination of delivery of fuel oil orders (ship’s bunkering).

- Cash to Captain.

- Documentation for the ships and cargoes.

- Legal advice.

- Market information and stats.