Who we are

Agental and the CPT Groups.


AGENCIAS MARITIMAS AGENTAL LTDA belongs to CPT Group and began operations in 1958 in the port of Talcahuano where it started providing services to the vessels represented by CPT. Over the years, AGENTAL established its own office network in the major ports of Chile, expanding the activities of the port agency to: stevedoring & cargo services, logistics, management and operations of ports and terminals, owners representation, tug services in ports, pilot boats and launch services.


CPT EMPRESAS MARITIMAS S.A. (CPT) established in 1909, provides shipping, port and logistic services in the Chilean coast since its foundation and nowadays it is one of the most important players in Chile. CPT expanded its activities beyond Chile and is also present in other countries of South America (Ecuador and Peru). The background and knowledge of CPT and the good scope of their services which includes tugboats, shipping agencies, administration and operation of ports and cargo services, has enabled to CPT a strong and sustained growth over its 100 years of existence. CPT is duly concerned to provide high quality and personalized services to its customers which are duly supported by a healthy financial state. For more info about CPT please check their web page www.cpt.cl/home


Currently AGENTAL represents and serves the largest foreign owners with presence in Chile with emphasis in companies dedicated to the operation of Dry Bulk Carriers, General Cargo and Project Cargo Ships, OBO (Ore, Bulk, Oil) vessels (mining machinery, wind parks, fertilizers, salt, coal, iron ore, zinc and copper concentrates) and Chemical Tankers and Oil Tanker Ships (sulfuric acid, liquid bulk, oil and its derivatives). AGENTAL also serves reefer cargo ships, fishing boats, car carriers (PCC) and containerships. AGENTAL customer’s portfolio includes more than 50 shipping companies and cargo owners demanding services in 17 ports & 22 terminals in Chile: Arica, Iquique (2), Patache, Tocopilla, Antofagasta (2), Huasco, Coquimbo, Ventanas, Quintero (2), Valparaíso (2), San Antonio (2), Talcahuano, San Vicente, Coronel, Corral, Puerto Montt, Ancud and Puerto Chacabuco.